Draft for Encoding Geographic Features in GeoRSS


GeoRSS already offers a couple of encodings to add geometrical features such as points, lines, polygons and boxes to RSS. Encodings for geographical features such as country, state/province, city or postal codes are still lacking in GeoRSS.
Encodings for these geographical entities would help feed producers encode geographical information in cases where the geometrical encodings don't make sense. If a feed entry for example is referring to a country, it does not make sense to add lat/lng, nor does it make sense to add the country borders as a polygon.


   <georss:point>45.256 -71.92</georss:point>
   <georss:address>1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW</georss:address>
countryCode : two-letter ISO 3166 country code
regionCode : national first level subdivisions (state, canton, region, province, prefecture) as in ISO 3166-2
city : city, township, shi (JP)
postalCode : postal code, zip
address : address as text

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Document History

2006 August 20, added link to Yahoo! Maps
2006 August 16, added link to adr microformat.
0.1 draft, 2006 June 11, based on emails by Ray Singh,Tom Kralidis and Carl Reeds, edited by Marc Wick